Mismanagement Team

May 2024 - April 2025

These are the people to blame for this kennel. If you have questions they are the ones to ask. Look for any of them at a Hash!

Grand Master (GM)

Gas Flaps

Like a lazy, unqualified child who inherited the company and gets to call herself the “boss” but doesn’t really do anything, the GM manages the kennel from her high-horse and pretends that she matters (and picks up the slack from the other MisManagers while keeping the kennel from spiraling to its death).

Religious Advisor (RA)

Gas Flaps, Family Cumfessional, Ménage-a-Waaah

Runs Chalk Talk and Circle. Handles introductions, down-down instructions, etc. Leads the group in song and upholds hash traditions.

Booze Director/Steward of Money (BDSM)

Vanilla Helsing

Like a Hash treasurer. Collects Hash Cash, manages our tiny hash fund, and embezzles money. Also responsible for obtaining beverages/food for each hash, getting loaded coolers to the hare(s) before each hash, and storing coolers and leftovers between hashes. Basically the most important person; no pressure.

Hare Raiser

Waifu Wanker

Ensures that every planned hash has one or more hares by actively annoying hashers until they commit to doing it. Creates the Facebook event pages.


Family Cumfessional

In charge of Hash outreach.  Advertises our group to unsuspecting virgins through bribes and creepy coercion.

Song Meister

Drilling Me Softly

The delightful little bird that inspires us with their lyrics.