Hash Marks

This is a guide to the most commonly used chalk or flour symbols left to mark the trails at FUCH3.

Standard Marks

Hash Mark

These mark the trail in general. They are your breadcrumbs.


The trail may go in any direction. Three marks after means you’re On-On! “Empty” Checks only need one mark for On-On. Checks are always True Trail.

Whichy Way

Trail can go in one of these directions. You only need one mark after for On-On! Counts as one mark off of a Check. Not necessarily True Trail.

You've Been Fucked

Dead end. Return to the last Check (or other Decision Point) and try again, even if you found 3+ marks.

Turkey-Eagle Split

Turkeys walk. Eagles run.

(No running on the turkey trail!)

Cum Together

Turkeys and Eagles reunite.

Beer Near

The beer is not far.

Beer Check

The beer is here.

True Trail (“Harrow”)

Left by hares only. You are definitely going the right way.

Pack Mark

Left by hounds to mark what they think is the right way. They could be wrong.

Safe Crossing

Look both ways.

Cross the street.

Don’t Die.

Wanker Arrow

Used by lazy hares on Turkey Trails. Go straight/follow this path till you hit the Eagle Trail (no marks on the way).

Common "Other" Marks

A handful (not all) of these may appear on trail.

Check Back

Go back this many marks, turn it into a Check (circle it), and find a new trail. EVERY trail mark (excluding the CB itself) counts towards #.

Boob Check

Works just like a Check, but only women can look for trail unless a lady shows some skin. Always True Trail.

Package Check

Works just like a Check, but only men can look for trail unless a gent shows some skin. Always True Trail.

Naughty Stop

Slap the hasher in front of you on the ass and take their place on the mark until spanked. If you’re last, slap yourself off.

Rock Paper Scissors

Wait here and play rock, paper, scissors with the person behind you. Winner moves on.

Scenic View

Wait for this many hashers to gather here before proceeding. Enjoy the view while you wait!

Song Stop

Sing a hash song with the indicated number of hashers to proceed.

Wave Stop

Wait here until you get a stranger to wave at you (or acknowledge you in some other way).

Clothing Exchange

Exchange an article of clothing with another hasher to proceed.


There will be a beer on or near this mark. If you’re the first one to it, run it back to the DFL, drink it together, and continue.

Douche Bag

There is a drop bag of booze hidden somewhere nearby. Find it, finish it, continue.

Other Bullshit

Any other marks the hares decide to use will be explained at Chalk Talk.

Chalk Talk

Hares may want to print this and bring it with them so they don't forget to go over any marks.

Click here for a direct link to the PDF.

Chalk Talk.pdf