Upcumming Hashes

Obligatory COVID-19 update (3/31/2020)

Per the recommendations of... everyone, we will be abstaining from physically congregating/hashing through March until the Man says it's safe to do so again. In the meantime, keep an eye out for virtual trails and drinking practices hosted on Zoom/Skype. We may or may not remember to update this update; so if this is still here in October, either we're all down with the sickness or the Web Meister sucks.

Stay safe; drink Malort.

Displays the next 5 events from Meetup, when available (might take a sec to load*). Follow links for further details.
*Poorly made widget that scrapes event data off Meetup. Seriously, it'll probably puke if they, like, change their background color. Let us know if it breaks.


  • We hash on Saturdays at 4:00pm during Daylight Savings (summer) and at 2:00pm in the winter.
  • We also hash on the Thursday closest to the full moon at 7:00pm (the following Saturday is skipped).
  • Visiting on a non-hash day? Give us a heads up and maybe we can arrange an impromptu hash/drinking practice!
  • Our trails start 30 minutes after the posted start time. Show up on time and have a pre-trail beer with us!
  • Our schedule sometimes gets bumped around and doesn't always exactly follow the above plan, so don't bust your nut too early. Events are generally scheduled one month at a time, at the beginning of each month. They are posted here and on our..

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Meetup and Facebook are the best ways to find our schedule and let us know you're coming. You don't have to sign up, but it'll help us make sure not to leave you behind!